3D printing

professional and manufacturing

We are involved in professional and production 3D printing of plastics and metals. Due to the multitude and variety of available incremental technologies and materials used, choosing the right one is not easy. We will help you choose the best solution for you and ensure implementation at the highest level in a very short time. Our customers are from a wide range of industries: aerospace and automotive, industrial production, prototyping, design, biomedicine and dentistry, research and development, architecture and construction, jewellery and others.


from multiple manufacturers

We distribute 3D printers for professional and production applications, regardless of size and materials used in many industries. The devices available at 3D Center correspond to most printing techniques and material solutions – from large-scale FDM to production MJF printers. We provide on-site installation of the equipment, professional training in operation and the necessary service during the life of the printers. Before choosing a 3D printer, you can make a trial print, which should be one of the deciding factors in choosing a particular device. We also help you create a design and/or scan existing objects. We prepare a cost calculation and also provide expert support directly from the individual manufacturers.



In Poland, the use of 3D printing is still marginal.  Worldwide, 3D printing brings huge savings/profits (up to 95% on a given component), optimises production and the parts/components themselves. It is mainly used for: production (up to 50 000 pcs.) prototyping, creation of robot grippers, creation of tools and tooling including moulds, printing of spare parts e.g. for production lines etc. . Not only do we provide specialist 3D printing and distribution services for additive systems, but we also assist in 3D implementation in production by dealing with: needs analysis, analysis of parts for 3D printing application, research projects, optimisation and post-production.