The MJF has a very wide range of applications in prototyping and especially in manufacturing. Until now, there has been no technology on the 3D printer market that is as effective and offers such a wide range of possibilities. Appropriate implementation can even replace production based on injection moulding with volumes of up to tens of thousands of units. The durability and properties of the materials used are equivalent to those used by SLS (especially PA12). MJF, while maintaining the precision and durability of SLS prints, is by far the more efficient and less expensive technology. Jet Fusion technology is used by industries such as automotive , mobility, medicine, pharmaceuticals, mechanical engineering, design, everyday objects, furniture and food industry, plants with production lines.

Multi Jet Fusion


Multi Jet Fusion technology is a unique HP solution – an innovation that competes with SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology. The process is based on bonding successive layers of plastic powders (PA12, PA11, TPU, PP., PA12+GB) through high temperatures. The Jet Fusion HP process is carried out without the use of a laser, but with the use of flash lamps and the support of dedicated chemicals (fusing agent – agent enhancing the process of thermal energy absorption by the material from which the parts are printed; detailing agent – agent responsible for the dimensional accuracy of the printed parts).

MJF technology is 3 to 10 times faster than SLS technology, depending on the models being printed, and much more efficient in terms of material consumption and recovery. In Jet Fusion, each successive process uses 80% of the old material (used in previous processes) and 20% of the new material. The loading of the work chamber and the mixing of the old and new powder is done automatically, as is the pre-cleaning of the printed parts, in the process station, which, in addition to the printer and work carriages (build unit), is an integral part of the Multi Jet Fusion printing system. The entire process is fully automated, clean and very user-friendly.

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