You already have a 3D-printed part and are wondering what to do next? Would you like to make your model look even better?





Post-processing offers many possibilities to improve the look and quality of your part!
Automatic sandblasting units CPP-2


In our company we do not only use conventional manual sandblasting machines, but also the automatic sandblasting machines CPP-2 from the Swedish company AM Efficiency”. This allows us not only to clean the parts from excess powder after printing, but also to improve their quality by polishing or even colouring them. The parts are clean, dust-free and safe (antistatic) after this type of treatment. The entire treatment can be carried out in a single unit, saving space and time. The CPP-2 sandblaster can be used to treat parts from a wide range of industries, including automotive, medical, food and electronics. In addition, the sandblasted parts are produced using HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology.


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Other forms of post-processing offered by our company

In addition to the options offered by AM Efficiency’s equipment, we also offer other finishing options. We have the option of both blacking the models and painting them. For painting, we offer a wide range of lacquers, so you can choose almost any colour. We also offer chemical treatments. In addition, if roughness is critical to the model, we offer a vibratory sanding treatment to achieve a smooth surface. If you would like to see how the individual parts look after treatment, we recommend you take a look at the gallery opposite. If this is not enough, we can send you samples showing the effects of the individual possible finishing treatments.