3DCenter supports sports picnic at new courts at SSP 72 in Wroclaw

On September 9, on Trwała Street in Wroclaw, a sports picnic celebrated the end of the investment at SSP 72. Thanks to the initiative of the school’s management and the support of 3DCenter, the newly built courts became the site of an unforgettable sports event. We wanted to thank you for this extraordinary experience, which we had the opportunity to co-create.

Management of Sports Elementary School No. 72 in Wroclaw

3DCenter For The Community

3D Center strives to care not only for technological development in Wroclaw but also for the local community. Therefore, we were pleased to support the management of SSP 72 in Wroclaw in the organization of this fantastic event. Our support consisted in providing unforgettable gadgets for the participants of the sports picnic. The participants had the opportunity to receive unique gadgets from us, which will be a nice memory of the event and will remind them of the importance of an active lifestyle. We are pleased that we were able to contribute to creating an even more memorable atmosphere during the event.

A souvenir of the event for the participants designed and produced at 3D Center using Multi Jet Fusion technology.

Thanks to the management of SSP 72 in Wroclaw

We would like to thank the management of Primary School No. 72 in Wroclaw for the opportunity to cooperate in this unique project. Your determination and commitment to the development of sports activities in our city are admirable. Thanks to you, Wroclaw has gained a new place where the love of tennis can flourish.

3D Center Team

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