3D Center Supports Biomechanics 2023 Conference

On 13-16/09/2023, we had the honor of being one of the sponsors of the Biomechanics 2023 scientific conference held at Wroclaw University of Technology. Our company not only provided the participants with extraordinary gadgets, but also offered an exclusive prize and shared its knowledge about the innovative technology that is Multi Jet Fusion. For us, it was not just an opportunity to promote our services, but more importantly a time to share our passion for scientific progress and development.

Our Visit to the Biomechanics 2023 Conference

At the Biomechanics 2023 conference, 3DCenter focused on education and inspiration. Our booth was full of interesting examples of how Multi Jet Fusion technology from HP can revolutionize the field of biomechanics. It is worth mentioning that this technology enables the creation of advanced prototypes and parts, which can significantly accelerate progress in the field of biomechanics. Our experts were eager to share their knowledge and experience with the conference participants visiting the booth. They answered questions, helped them understand how Multi Jet Fusion technology can be used in biomechanical research and presented the latest developments in the field.

3D Center booth at Biomechanics 2023 conference

Prize from 3DCenter: Multi Jet Fusion Technology Training.

However, this is not the end of our involvement. For conference participants presenting their scientific achievements, we have prepared a unique prize – training in the area of Multi Jet Fusion technology from HP conducted at our company. This is an excellent opportunity for researchers, scientists and students to deepen their knowledge and skills in using this revolutionary technology in their research projects.

Thanks to the Conference Organizers

We would like to thank the organizers of the Biomechanics 2023 conference for a well-organized event. It was a great opportunity to meet other science and technology enthusiasts and exchange ideas and experiences. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this important event and for the trust you placed in us.

3D Center team

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