Revolutionary bearings with Multi Jet Fusion technology

Revolutionary Multi Jet Fusion Technology in 3D Manufacturing.

3D printing using Multi Jet Fusion technology is a true revolution in manufacturing. Bowman International, one of the leading bearing suppliers in the UK, has seen the huge potential of this technology and has used it to improve the quality of its products, optimize the assembly process and save costs associated with manufacturing.

Optimized Assembly and Disassembly with Multi Jet Fusion

Bowman International has been manufacturing and distributing bearings for years. One of the challenges manufacturers faced was to provide a suitable bearing seal that would be easy to assemble and disassemble, yet resistant to wear. Originally, seals were manufactured from aluminum, but this material caused damage to steel components and made the assembly and disassembly process difficult. The solution turned out to be Multi Jet Fusion technology and the use of HP 3D HR PA 11 material, which has excellent wear resistance. Installation and removal of bearings is an important factor for systems that require regular maintenance and replacement. By using MJF technology, Bowman was able to optimize the design of the seals, which makes the assembly and disassembly process easier and faster. This dramatically increases work efficiency and saves time.



Productivity, Quality and Savings with Multi Jet Fusion Technology


Productivity and production consistency are other benefits Bowman has received with Multi Jet Fusion technology. Previously, they were using a different 3D printing machine that did not provide adequate consistency and quality in production. Changing to HP MJF technology gave them better results and more confidence that each bearing would meet the highest quality standards. HP MJF has a number of other advantages that convinced Bowman to switch production technology. First, 3D printing using this technique provides better isotropic properties, especially in terms of elongation at break, and minimal deformation compared to aluminum, which the company had previously used. In addition, the technology is characterized by high efficiency and consistency across the entire surface of the working table. Last but not least is the cost savings. MJF technology allows more efficient use of materials, thus reducing production costs. In addition, the precise and durable bearings produced by the Multi Jet Fusion technique contribute to long-lasting and reliable machine operation.

In summary, Multi Jet Fusion technology is revolutionizing bearing manufacturing with precise and durable 3D printing. Bowman International is one example of companies that have used this technology to improve the quality of their products, optimize the assembly process and save costs. 3D printing and Multi Jet Fusion technology are undoubtedly the future of manufacturing, providing efficiency, reliability and cost savings for companies.

Kinga Sekuła, M.Sc. Eng.

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